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For most families, their home is their biggest financial asset, and deciding to sell is a big decision.  Starting the process on the right path is of utmost importance, especially in the uncertainty of the Toronto real estate market in.

Work with our team, who has years of experience with a proven record.

With our market and community knowledge, savvy marketing expertise, strategic negotiating skills, and high quality professional network, together we will be equally focused on making the sale of your home a rewarding and stress-free experience.

When you consider the key factors that will result in the selling of your home at top dollar, as your Selling Agents it is our responsibility to make sure these factors are being addressed with equal importance:

Education:  What do your neighbourhood market stats show?  How can we boost the potential your home holds? When is the best time to sell? How much should you sell for?

Marketing:  Who are your potential buyers?  How can we reach them? What is the most strategic plan for your particular home?

Negotiation: What needs to happen before accepting offers? What are you willing to offer and what are your non-negotiables?  How can we be creative in negotiating so all parties get what they want?

Support:  What can I do to help the process be less stressful and an enjoyable experience?

Experience: What have was done when this has happened in the past?  What does your training suggest?

Your decision to sell has been made, let us do the rest. 

Image by Annie Spratt


"We were immediately and pleasantly surprised when we found someone who was truly warm and human presence, who used down-to-earth language rather than jargon, but whose expertise and knowledge was very impressive. 


Bernadette never pressured us, but took her time, answered our questions, offered us opposing viewpoints and allowed us to make our own informed decisions."

~ M. Behrens & L. Smith

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