Buy A House in Toronto

             Advice and Negotiating Skills

                   Dianne & Al

We much appreciated your willingness and the maintenance of your ever present good humor when we asked you to arrange for us to see yet another property...


We went through much soul-searching in finally deciding to make an offer... Here again, without your advice and negotiating skills we do not believe we would have ended up with this property at a price we are very happy with.

When you approach the house buying process with knowledge and confidence, you will buy a house you are proud to call home.  That is easier said than done when you consider the current real estate market in Toronto and surrounding area. 
As a buyer it is understandable if you are feeling overwhelmed as you are considering…

  • Where and when to buy?

  • How much you can afford?

  • How to find the best mortgage?

  • Which is better, a new or resale home?

  • Should I work with an agent or look at homes on my own?

It is my job to take that overwhelm feeling out of the equation so you can focus on what is really important - finding the perfect home for you.

If it is your first home, dream home or an investment property you can trust I will provide you with the highest quality buyer service, the latest market information and the best advice based on your unique situation and goals.

While working on your behalf I bring to the table 25 years of real estate industry experience as a Real Estate Agent, Broker, Agent Trainer and Administrator. These various roles have provided me a depth of industry knowledge that has proven to be invaluable to my customers when they needed it.

As your buyer agent, I am by your side every step of the way and it all starts with a conversation. 

Call or email me today, I am always available for my clients.